Coaching to Professionals for CPA & Law Firm Management with Law Firm Consulting  

C.P.A. Firm & Law Firm Management Consulting, Accountant Coaching and Attorney Coaching

We serve as either a CPA or Law Firm Management Consultant in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, or as an Attorney or Accountant Coach, depending on the engagement. Law Firm consulting client objectives are firm oriented when we perform the role of Law Firm Management Consultant to Law Firms. When we serve as a C.P.A. Coach or Lawyer Coach, we could be working with an individual professional, a group of service providers or a practice area within the firm.

In almost every CPA or law firm consulting situation, we establish a consultant-coach relationship with the partners or principals of law firms who are striving to be among the best in their profession. These attorneys or accountants want clarity on the issues confronting them, improved productivity and the tools to lead their firm more effectively.

At the outset, broad objectives are established to outline the scope of our work.
Typically, we conduct fact-finding surveys and interviews prior to engaging in any further work. A report will be generated to summarize our findings. This CPA or law firm management report is delivered in a conference with the principals of the firm.
Clients set up a set of specific objectives that directs the project. We help the client clarify and take responsibility for those objectives, align with them, coaching to these professionals toward attainment, as well as bringing the resources that we have available.
Engagements are based upon specific guidelines that help to reveal problem areas so they can be easily resolved.
We provide a methodology for CPA and law firm management that helps clients look at their firm, leadership style, strengths, failures and aspirations. This aids in choosing new directions to optimize the growth of the legal practice or law firm.
Together, we conduct a thorough examination of the firm's areas of concern. As a result, clients overcome obstacles they have struggled with for months or years. Breakthroughs occur.

Through coaching to professionals we conduct interactive sessions that generate new ideas for being more effective in work and communication. These help clients stay focused on objectives.