Dynamic Firm Management, Inc.  
The Sole Practitioner

If you are in private practice and concerned about:

Attracting and retaining clients
Communicating your value to prospective clients

Increasing profitability

Communicating more effectively
Bringing life and enthusiasm back into your practice 

Balancing your practice with your life

If you are not willing to settle for the status quo and if you realize that professional guidance will enhance your competence and improve your bottom line, we provide...

Business Coaching to Professionals in Private Practice

Hundreds of sole practitioners have used our services over the past nineteen years and benefited greatly. We provide a combination of business advice and personal coaching. You will gain clarity. You will be able to distinguish the business and client opportunities you want. You will better understand and be able to clearly communicate your value.

Together we may address:


Practice Management Firm Identity
Long-term Objectives Strategic Planning
Life Vision Effective Marketing
Selling Your Expertise Making Decisions
Professional and Client Values Meeting Clients' Needs
Communication That Works Structures for Accountability
Time Management Performance Coaching

"A big advantage is that Dennis points out aspects of your practice or life that you haven't much considered. I have a different take on my business now... a completely different mind set."