Dynamic Firm Management, Inc.  
A few words from our clients

Dynamic Firm Management, Inc. has helped us amicably dissolve a partnership that wasn’t working, focus on building our firm, and become better rainmakers, employers and managers. Most recently, they helped us through the process of acquiring another law firm and establishing our second office. Their candid and honest approach is refreshing and effective.

— Velasco Law Group
    Paul Velasco, Esq. Founding Partner


Dynamic Firm Management, Inc. helped us get out of the rut that we were stuck in, reorganize our way of doing business to make it more effective and efficient, match our individual skills and desires with our firm responsibilities, and create a new environment in which the management team can work together. Dynamic Firm Management, Inc. has become much more than a consulting firm: they have become part of our team as we work together toward our new vision.

— HBLA Certified Public Accountants, Inc.
    Vic Hausmaninger, CPA Chief Executive Officer


My firm was in a rut – doing good, not great – and that had gone on for several years. Dennis helped me see how I could change things. My firm has grown. I’m happier in my work and making more money. Revenues are up 111%.

— Goff Law Corporation
    Roger B. Goff, Esq.


SKMC is the result of a merger of two firms of equal size. We were facing the daunting process of synergizing two unique groups of partners—each with their own special styles—into an effective team. The process could have taken years or, even worse, resulted in a failed merger. Dennis McCue’s leadership helped us focus on the essence of our business and allowed us to develop effective relationships between the partners. We now look forward to building a more successful firm and having Dynamic Firm Management, Inc. as an important part of our team.

— Sanders, Kalvin, Carter and McMillan
    Lionel R. Sanders, CPA
    Michael Kalvin, CPA
    Thomas P. McMillan, CPA
    Michael Carter, CPA
    Stanley Shimohara, CPA