Dynamic Firm Management, Inc.  

Partner Relations

Law Firms & CPA firms are known for creating partners, but many small and mid-size firms fail to realize that building partnership is critical to the success of the firm. They do an inadequate job of clarifying the expectations, duties and responsibilities of each of the partners. Additionally, communication between partners often breaks down over disappointments and crisis.

The innate strength of character that propels many into the professions and the skills developed to manage and represent clients frequently impede their ability to work together and build a successful practice. Their personal and professional strengths often are barriers to the partnership being more than a facade or lifeless legal entity.

Too often, firms operate in a state of complacency, negligence, acceptance and/or resignation in regard to non-performing partners. This breeds resentment... eventually turning into outright hostility.

True partnership requires the willingness and ability to develop trust with one another, open communication, participation and loyalty. Without these characteristics, firms remain limited in size and growth potential.

Dynamic Firm Management helps partners resolve differences, develop the skills of effective communication to mend relationships and build their firm cooperatively and strategically.


Paradigm for a Dynamic Partnership


I am committed to the success of our partnership and
the achievement of our goals.


I want you to hold me to account for my obligations and promises and I expect you to be accountable for yours


… even when it means having to confront difficult issues

or problems which we would rather avoid.