Strategic Planning & Consulting with Strategic Planning & Management for Rainmaking  
Practice Management

Vision and Purpose

Having a clear vision for the future development and direction of your firm is critical to success and rainmaking. Your purpose should guide all business decisions, policies, marketing activities and employment decisions.

Strategic Thinking and Planning Consulting

Strategic planning and management is a rather lifeless description of what must be a very vital activity. The principals of your firm must be authentically engaged and committed to the strategic thinking and planning process before your firm can realize the vision.

Strategic planning and consulting requires the firm to formulate strategic planning and management processes - often with the guidance and assistance of a facilitator, such as Dennis McCue - and they must include honest evaluations of both the internal environment of the firm as well as outside factors and a vision for the future.

Policies, Procedures, Practices and Activities

Firms should develop policies, procedures and practices that bring the principals and employees to heightened participation, serve clients in the finest ways possible, and encourage all involved to commit to the accomplishment of the firm's mission.

Communication, compensation, policies and procedures, firm practices, rainmaking, and client service delivery are all involved in strategic planning and consulting.


Once the key elements above are in place, it is critical that you develop the discipline to learn effective delegation and do it!  This is vital to the success of your firm!

Your willingness to invest yourself in the strategic planning & management
process is the biggest guarantee of your strategic plan's ultimate success