Dynamic Firm Management, Inc.  

makinG RAIN

There are many reasons why people become accountants and attorneys, but it is fair to say that no one sits for the Bar or CPA exam to become an expert in relationship building, marketing and sales. Yet, these are the very skills necessary to build solid firms.

How your CPA firm or legal practice approaches the necessities of continual relationship management and client attraction will determine its future growth. For many attorneys and accountants, this thought is abhorrent and that may limit the growth and profit potential of the firm as well as the livelyhood of the partners.

Dynamic Firm Management can help your law firm or CPA firm assess its attitudes, activities and budgets related to the business development process.

We will help you determine the best approach for your specific practice. We teach the concepts that your partners need to understand to become more skilled at building their books of business.

The bottom line?


We help motivated partners become rainmakers.

They make firms successful.